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Brad Askren is best described as a, “serial entrepreneur”. In 2001 Askren ventured into the financing and real estate business and soon after launched a mortgage lending firm and ran it for the next 10 years while also investing in real estate. He is driven by a combination of ingenuity and a firm belief in the merits of hard work. It may be an ethic he developed while growing up in a small Midwestern town. Or maybe Askren just likes to see what happens when you equip yourself with an undeniable belief in free enterprise and then see how far you can take it. Either way, as Askren pursues his own dreams, he’s committed to enabling others to live theirs. And he’s already logged nearly two decades of experience investing in real estate all over the Midwest from building his rental portfolio currently over 125+ units also mixed with fix and flips throughout the Midwest states.